This project Naoyasu Mera and Sho Konishi worked 1 year to feature 100 talents to capture our era.

Real flowers and plastic to create wearable life and death to cerebrate people.

The flowers are the representation of present life to death,

plastics are the representation of death and people are the representation of living organisms.

We wanted to capture this moment to make an illustration of “today” who is living now, what is the shape of nature in the city in the era of 2020.

The concept is also combining the sustainability idea of mine that people can appreciate to things, to other creatures and also to the toxic material “plastic” when we realize these are made out of dinosaur’s death.

The reason why I am talking plastic as their death is simply plastic is made out of oil, oil is from their dead bodies and from their energies. 

We believe since we can love other creatures, we can fight for animals and plants, we can cry for our mother planet earth, we can also feel some emotions from plastics. This is not the direct solution to help our environments, but our mindset is key to change the world, this is our opinion for the concept of sustainability.  “Don’t just hate or avoid plastics, we can’t really avoid them anymore in this era.” This my struggle pushed me to start appreciate plastics, communicate them and feel their emotions. This is it. This sounds just doing nothing for the environment, but we started from here for our planet.